License cost same for Nav & AX


That Both Nav & Ax has same licence cost per one user .

Is it true ?

I know what AXAPTa has the functionality when compared with Navision.

If yes, then why don’t everybody go for AXAPTA than Navision.

Share your opinions.

In Europe AX is about 20 to 40% more expensive…

both systems have their target users - MS positioned them as NAV being for small to medium companies, and AX - medium to large. Company “sizing” was according to gross turnover, and milestone between NAV and AX was put at about USD 250’000’000.

well, and tastes differ, too [:D]

That would be a short answer - the long one is infinite, as both systems have their strenghts and weaknesses in different program areas and industries etc etc etc

Well you have localisation considerations, module differences etc, but arguably there is a similarity in the base license cost of the product as I understand it.

Gete you work for a reseller, just look at the price lists on partnersource [:D]

License cost is only a percentage of the cost of implementing a system, and the services are considerably more with AX - it is a bigger more complex piece of software and takes longer to configure and train end users on. Also there are different approaches to the software meantality from a development perspective.

Thanks Modris,

Modris wrote :

MS positioned them as NAV being for small to medium companies, and AX - medium to large. Company “sizing” was according to gross turnover,

Yes that is true .

Even it is small firm , large firm. They need the same fucntionality , when it comes to purchase, sales , Finance……

That ‘s y I asked that question.

Modris Wrote :

milestone between NAV and AX was put at about USD 250’000’000.

Could u explain what is this statement meaning.

To put it more clearly - if company’s Yearly Gross Turnover exceeds USD 250M, MS “recomends” AX - somehow MS needed to distinguish both products, so they announced it as I already wrote above.

But it is not a rule, and AdamRoue in his post gave more pros and cons for each system.

On a 30 user system for Advanced Management AX is 10% more expensive on the price lists I have - just an example, that said the single user license of AX is 12% more expensive if I just take this (in the user entered banded price). I simply entered the users and nothing else. It is a US price list though. But my previous belief is that there is no longer the large price difference there was, Microsoft brought them closer together in recent years - 5 years ago the 40% statement would have been true.

Thanks Steven,

I agree about the implementation time , process, configuration, key user training will take time when compared with Navision.

But if the license cost is same , then if we give the demo on Axapta then any client will satisfy to have the product .

Because when it comes to demo on Axapta , then for every customer question we can say = Yes it is in Axapta.

So that’s y I am asking .

What is your suggestion on this.

They are not just buying the product.

If the customer is satisfied that what you are presenting and offering provides the best option for the business going forward they will purchase.

Yes , they are buying the product after they satisfed based on my demo regarding what Axapta contains as standard.

when it comes to Axapta .

  1. It has REQ ( request for quote ) indian localiztion

  2. Purchase indent

  3. Quality control

  4. Quarantine management.

  5. Advancepayment

  6. Item wise sales person commisiion…

  7. Planning based on the sales quotaions also

all above functionality has Axapata .

so In mY opiniion better to give the demo on Axapta when comapred with Navision if the License cost is same for single user.

I really think it depents on your role in the company and how you are renumerated. If you are in sales and you get a % commision for closing a sale and it doesn’t matter if the implementation is a success or not, and if you dont care that the client pays three times what they thought they would but only get half the system they expected, and if you have no problems sleeping at night, then yes this would be the best approach to selling Dynamics. [8o|]

Simple Question - Is it the best policy to sell them AX when you do not have the skills to implement it?

It may have all the funcitonality they require, which means the product is right, however you as a partner are wrong because you cannot implement it successfully. They are also purchasing your business as a service, with AX 75% of the costs are services, if you cannot deliver it you are providing 25% of the solution. Do you not see that the client is purchasing your services, your relationship, your skills, your expertise, your experience and your support? Your next response then depends upon how you answered David’s question.