License and development in AX

I’m new at developing in AX, but I have a certain experience on NAV.
I have installed a new AX system, and I loaded the customer’s license. Everything works OK, but the customer’s license does not have the X++ module (that my partner license has, of course). How can I develop using my license?
In NAV, it is possible to “change” a license locally - the NAV client sees the partner’s license and gives access to all the features, whereas the other NAV clients keep running using the customer’s license.
I suppose that in AX something similar should be possible, but how?
Essentially the problem regards all development modules - not only X++.

I think I COULD develop everything locally on my AX and then export/import to the customer’s installation, but it would be impractical.

Do you have any suggestions?




You are not allowed to install the partner license into hardware owned by the customer. If the customer has no dev license you have to make mofdifications in the office and export/import them to customer hardware. Don’t be worried about exporting and importing, it is so easy.


Hello, and thanks for the reply.

I know that exporting/importing is easy, my problem are data: when I develop, maybe I need to test using the customer’s real data (for example, from a restore of a live database backup). I can easily move DB backups among customer’s network, but bringing them to my office is another story…

And is the customer reports an error when I am in his office? Do I have to go to MY office, fix the problem (that maybe I can not replicate as data are different) and then export/import xpo files? It is a bit long, isn’t it?

In NAV all this could be done much more fastly, in AX is there a possibility to obtain the same functionalities?



Yes that is a great feature of Dynamics NAV :slight_smile:
Unfortunately there is no such thing in AX :frowning:
Let’s hope that using a temporary session “license” will be a future feature in AX.

The only way is export/import and I agree with you regarding data. It sucks…