Legal Site Description formats in the US

Sorry, didn’t know where else to post this. Feel free to move it, if it should be in another forum.

I have a client in the oilfield service business in Canada, that is expanding into the US. We are adding a custom field for LSD data, and building a mask for the field, to ensure the data is entered consistently, so that reports can be reliably generated. Alberta and BC use different land registration systems, and the LSD is thus structured differently. In Alberta, it would look like this - NN-NN-NNN-NNLN, while in BC, the format is l-NN-L/NN-L-NN, where N is Number and l or L is letter (lower or upper case).

Can anyone give me an idea if the oil and gas producing states in the US all use a consistent system, or do they vary from state to state? For now, I have a Montana description in the format NN-NN-NN-NNL.

Any help would be most appreciated.


What platform? NAV, AX, GP are you using? you might get a better reponse in a platform specific forum as thats where people tend to look, even if the question is not platform specific!

Tony - Good point, thanks. It’s on NAV. I’ll copy the original post there…

No please dont. As the question you asked was very generic, then you should keep it here, unless you asked for an exact description of how to develop this in NAV!

And since your question would be able to help users of other ERP systems also, then this forum is quite right!