Ledger vs Sub-ledger


Is there a standard way/form of posting entries directly to the sub-ledger without affecting the control account?

From my failed attempts, any posting involving sub-ledgers affects the control account

Directly - no.

However, there is a tricky way to achieve this. Say, it’s necessary to adjust some Vendor balance in Vendor Ledger, which for whatsoever reason is out of sync with GL. (I could imagine happening so with amounts in foreign currencies, for example)

In GL Journal, 2 lines must be created, both with Balancing Account No EMPTY.

in 1. line, choose AccType = VENDOR, select VendorNo and enter the Amt, e.g. Db 10.00
in 2. line, choose AccType = G/L Account, select the AccountNo to which that Vendor’s PostingGroup points and enter Amt Cr 10.00

Date & DocNo should be the same for both lines, so this will balance and you can post these two lines.

First line hits BOTH General Ledger and Vendor Ledger, adjusting Vendors balance, but changing GL balance, too.

Second line hits ONLY General Ledger, thus reversing it’s balance back to what it was.

Hi Modris,

Thank you so much for the response.

I am trying to correct an imbalance caused by some foreign currency transactions. The following is what i had done on my test DB

Please advise the overall effect and if allowed

  1. Created a temp vendor posting group called LEDGER

  2. Set the ‘Payable Acc’ of this temp posting group to GL account X(Profit/Loss)

  3. Selected my vendor and changed the posting group to LEDGER

  4. Passed a journal DR(Vendor), CR(X) profit/loss

  5. Changed back the posting group to what it was.

Hahaha, a naive and desperate means to an end


I also forgot to mention that, the request was put forward to me in an an excel file as below.

DR(Y )Discount Given , CR(Vendor).

The above should only affect the sub-ledger ONLY.

How can i apply the above solution to this scenario, since it already has a g/l account ?

Your initial suggestion was


  1. CR(G/L-Control Account) to reverse the effect on the control , right?