ledger settlement


Can i know in detail how to do ledger settlement in ax2009 in (General ledger)

Hi Kola,

Can you elaborate more on the topic. What exactly are you looking for by Ledger settlement.

As far as settlements are concerned, it can be made between invoice and payment.

For ledgers, you can directly post entries as normally you neednot settle any voucher there.


It is not necessary to use Ledger settlement in this case and customers normally don’t use time on this.
You just print out report “Account payable/Reports/Status/Invoices not approved” for all approvers.

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Then why AX has ledger settlement functionality in AX 2009 ?

It’s basic use to settle the debit transaction against credit and vice versa and what i feel is that it’s an option if accountant wants to do.

Other settlements… like AR, AP has major impact as company’s cash liquidity is dependent on it.


Also enables OPEN transactions only to be displayed when viewing a GL account where someone has bothered to go through Periodic > Ledger Settlements to match up postings that belong to each other Dr =Cr.

Unfortunately this is cumbersome at the moment and I am asking if anyone has found a way to make this more practical.