Ledger Entries Reverse

anybody knows why it is not permitted to reverse a Customer/Vendor Ledger Entry if the Batch Journal Name is blank? Which problem would that cause? [*-)]

Are you saying the posted ledger entry you are tying to reverse has a blank batch Journal name? From where are you trying to reverse the entry?

Ciao Anna,

The blank Journal Batch Name could could be an indication that the line was not posted from a general journal line. When the line was posted from codeunit 80, the journal batch name is empty. In this case instead of reversing the entries, a credit memo should be used.


I see. The reversing feature doesn’t reverse Item Ledger Entries, Value Entries and the likes… but why?
There are occasions when an invoice MUST be reversed through a credit memo and occasions when a simple reversing would save a lot of time and trouble. Well, never mind. I was just investigating why the Italian localization had ruled all kinds of invoices and credit memos out of the reversing feature field of application. I think I discovered why. [:D]


Reversing is applicable only for the Journal Entries (Sales Journal, General Journal, Purchase Journal ). Reversing is not applicable for the entries that are posted from the Cash receipt Journal and Payment Journal