Ledger/ Entries/ Journal

Hi everyone,

I am still newbie to Navision, hence do not spam me for asking which might sounds stupid questions below to you guys.

I would like to know whats ledger/ entry/ and journal for?

If 1 of them is missing what will happen?

Any help/ guide is much appreciated.

Sorry if I sounds stupid.

Just Do It

No problem,

The Journal Lines are being filled in with the posting advices for the system.

Example: You create an item journal line containing the item with quantity 50 you want to put on stock.

When posting, the processing codeunit is taking in the journal line as a parameter and produces the ledger entry (item ledger entry in this case). After the Journal line has been posted it gets deleted by the system.

So the Journals and Ledger Entries are the Navision posting concept.

Hi Thomas,

A million thanks!