While Confirming the Purchase Order in AX 2012, I am experiencing the below warning message:

"One or more accounting distribution is missing a ledger account or contains a ledger account that is not valid. Use the Accounting distribution form or the Posting profile to update the ledger account"

Kindly suggest a solution to resolve this

Thanks In Advance

What do you not understand about the message? They have altered the process and structure of accounting to allow subsidary ledger posting. I would recommend you review your setup and at the same time do what the message suggests.

Hi Balu,

Did you get any success for the error. I also encountered same error. I think this is a bug.

Following are the steps which i performed and got the error.

  1. Create PO and assign financial dimension on header and line.

  2. Confirm the PO.

  3. Now delete the financial dimensions from the header such that lines are also refreshed.

  4. Confirm the PO again… You will get the message.

I tried to re-enter dimension and confirm… but it didn’t help.

Has anyone faced this issue.



Hi all,

I am also getting the same error. It seems to be a standard Miscrosoft dynamics ax 2012 bug. Any one can suggest me.




I will suggest you to upgrade the concerned application with CU3. I think in CU3 this issue has been addressed.


I have the same problem about that issue. After I check all the setup about posting profile etc. The last thing i do is talked to the user to create another PO then cancel the old one. Sometimes we need to decide what is the best option if the transaction cannot proceed. We just need to communicate well to the user so that they will understand the situation.[:)]

Hey guys,

I also having the same problem… but i dont know how to assign ledger account to purchase order through code…can someone help?