Learning AX..

Hello ,

I have done b.tech (CSE) and i started to work in manufacturing industry with microsoft dynamics ax 2009 , but i am facing problems to learn ax 2009 .

Tell me that from where and how can i learn ax 2009 . tell me the initial points to start learn ax . i just want to become a developer / technical consultant in ax . so , what should i do to work with ax .

Actually .i cannot find setup to download to work .

how to learn functional and technical work of ax .

please , tell me answers …

First of all, you should use or create an appropriate thread. This thread was about compilation and your question is clearly unrelated. Please create a new thread for your question, I won’t answer it here.

It would also help if you were more precise in what exactly you need.

Hi Ashish,

Welcome to DUG [:)]

Your query is too broad to answer. Also nature of your queries were discussed so many times here. Do please search for them.

Okay, it’s moved now…

I recommend:

  • MSDN
  • Inside Dynamics AX
  • Training materials (available on PartnerSource)
  • Internet (search engine is your friend :))

Hi Ashish ,

just Serch , u wil get numbers of way to learn.