LDAP Connection

Has Anybody connected to and updated a LDAP directory through NAVISON ?

What exacly do you want to do with LDAP! You will need to know the database structure but a quick search of the net found this:- http://developer.netscape.com/software/tools/ldap.html Hope it helps Paul Baxter

What we want to do is to maintain the user list in our LDAP directory depending on the HR module in Navision so if we hire new employeee to crate an entry in the directory and if terminate to remove user form LDAP. So the main question is what do use to connect to this LDAP connection a OCX or Automation as to update the directory via navision depending on the addition or subtraction of employees. Edited by - cmolfr on 2002 Feb 22 12:57:04

Ok chris That does not sound too difficult, it just a case of finding an OCX and makeing it work for you. You should be able to drive the OCX straight from navision. But the OCX will have to be installed on every machine that connect to the LDAP server. Paul Baxter

Thats Correct but have you or anybody done this before and you maybe help me with some sample code ? I have the code in VB but not in Navision and I would like it if somebody has done it before. Can you Help ?

Do you have an ocx or just vb code. If you have vb code make your own OCX to expose the functions you require. Navision is not very good at interfaceing other programs. Paul Baxter