Latest service pack for NAV 2013 r2?

Hi All,

Does anybody know where to download the latest service pack for NAV 2013 r2 GB. I don’t have access to Partner Source.

(On that note how do I get access to Partner Source?)



If you are working in a Partner company then company has to provide you the access to Partnersource.

If you are a customer then also partner has to provide you the access to customersource…

For CustomerSource access you also need a valid NAV maintenance plan (or whatever they call it these days)

Thanks guys - I am a freelancer and up until recently, I was able to access Partner Source as the Microsoft Partner I worked for previously had not removed my access.

So as a freelancer you are effectively not able to get your the service packs/roll ups? Does not have these available in the download section?


Why not have your customer download the required files via their CustomerSource account? If they don’t have one, they should contact their NAV partner of record to get set up. If they don’t have one, because they don’t have an active maintenance plan, than they are not entitled to updates either and this whole discussion is irrelevant.

Hej Thomas,

Service packs (like NAV 2009 SP1) are actual releases, which also can be downloaded from MSDN. We typically “carry” them here on DUG.

The “roll-ups” are releases which requires a bit more work (you must manually apply them to an existing release). As there are quite lot of these “roll-ups”, they would slow down our site (more than it already is). Plus it would take a lot of work getting them online and I’m not really sure that it would be a good idea. Applying a “wrong” roll-up to a production environment could easily “damage” an installation. So I think it’s a good that they are only on PartnerSource/CustomerSource.

So as a NAV freelancer there are two things that you can do.

The easiest would be to ask the customer, for whom you need this roll-up, to set you up as a user under their CustomerSource subscription. This way you can download roll-ups for them.

Alternatively you can sign up with a “master-VAR”. These are VAR’s which only sells through “sub-VAR’s” (typically small partners or freelancer). I know of two of these: and I suggest that you contact them to hear if you can become a partner with them. They work in slightly different ways and have different requirements, but generally will provide you with both a development key and access to partnersource.

Erik, as usual, your answer is exactly what I needed. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! I’m a freelancer myself, so I know how it is to be unable to access PartnerSource and similar websites.