Lanham EDI

Does anyone have, or know where I can get any documentation for Lanham’s EDI add-on?

Sounds like Joke. [}:)] They teach how to sell and you have to find out how to implement yourself. But if you will find it let me know.

Just go to You can call them and ask for a CD of all of their add-ons and sales documentation. They also offer classes that you can go to to receive training.

Thanks achowtc. I have already looked on their website but they don’t have any documentation such as a user manual there. So far it seems you must attend a training class in order to receive this type of document.

I have a small booklet - i’ll try & scan it into pdf for you. EDIT- Ok I scanned my copy of “Navision EDI Mapping Guide” 04/04/2002 if you’re interested → Click Here <-for a copy.

Tom, There really is no detailed documentation… Only some demo scripts and sales info. I have implemented it a number of times… with e-ship and know it pretty well. Do you have specific Qs?

Todd, I am very new to EDI so I have many questions (hehe). One of them would be how are the documents controlled. For example, how do I send out a FA (997) with every document that is sent, as well as only send an ASN (856) to certain locations. Thanks.

let me know if that pdf was helpful in any way. if it was I’ll see if I can put it on the web somewhere so others and take a look without having to do the whole email thing.