We are still implementing Navision.

We are using Navision for logisitcs and we have customers in different countries. We like to send all kind of documents ( generated by Navisiion) to our customers.

The consulting company has told us that for each language we use in the documents ( English, French, Dutch , Spanish and Italian) we have to buy licences for Navision in these languages because Navision use the language code of the client. Whithout the extra licenses it is not possible to create documents in the other languages ( because the language code is linked to Windows language code).

Is this right ?

Thank for the help.

Kind reagrds,

(Correct me if I am wrong, anybody)

  1. Languages on reports demand granule 4020 (Multiple Document Languages), which is used for data and report.captions, There is no limit on number of languages.

  2. The purpose of granules 4801…4999 is to enable various client/user-languages in NAV.
    These granules you buy pr. language.

As I understand you, you do not need #2!