Landsteinar DataDirector

Hi there, I am facing some problems installing and setting up the Landsteinar DataDirector. The problem shows up when I am trying to connect to Navision Database server via DataDirector. There is an error connecting to a database. The strangest thing is that this test was passed yesterday. And today with the same connection string I get error 12296 (error connecting to a database). I looked up the logs, and it looks like there is no answer from the database, which I am trying to connect to. I know for sure that the database server is running. Where the problem could be?

Is the Connection String (especially Company Name) set up correctly at Distribution Location?

Restart the Navision Servers. Make sure that Test Connection is working for Normal Replication. use that connection string in for Data Director Settings. Re-check the Landsteinar Data-Direct - Data Director & Navision Settings. At every step check your Event log. Check your license.

Thanks for the advices. Data Director seems to be working. But I experienced another problem: when I am trying to redirect the incoming/outgoing messages to Navision database, some kind of Runtime error happens, and Data Director server goes down. Any ideas why does that happen and how to fix it? Thanks in advance

You can run Data Director in Debug mode. This may help.