Landed Cost on New Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

There are Many Product Receipts. Transportation Cost Billing is Single Invoice by a Goods Transport Company. How to Load Cost of Freight on Product Receipt?

E.G. Product Receipt 1 = Rs 100 , 2 = Rs 100, Freight Cost Rs 50, After Loading Product Receipt Cost must be 125 and 125 for respective Receipts.

How to do it?

Out of the box this is not a great solution. In essence you load miscellaneous charges onto the order, you ensure these are set and cocnfigured to update the inventory cost and you process it as part of the purchase order. You then process the supplier invoice separately against the offset expense account of the charge. There are ISV solutions that handle landed costs better.

There is the use of the Transportation Management System if you are using that? Look here:

Hi AdamRoue,

Thanks for reply.

I am not using the Transportation Management.

Thanks. I need to find work around.

Found How to add charge, but not with reference to Supplier’s invoice.

You dont reference the suppliers invoice, it is a charge, there are two separate manual elements to the process as standard. Enter a charge, process an invoice. There are ISV solutions in the market that deal with landed costs, if you have any volume or business critical requirement I suggest you look at what is available.

That is very helpful! thank you

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If you don’t use transportation management module, one ISV solution could be really helpful in this case, have you tried to cosnsider “landed cost management” solution by GO-ERP?