Label Report and Flowfields

I am trying to modify the standard Navision Item Label report to give the details from the Stockkeeping units table instead of the Item Table. I have everything work perfect except for the description. As it seems the Description fields on the Stockkeeping unit table are flowfields. I need to pull the details from the Item table relating to each Item No. as it process the through the Stockkeeping unit table. I have set Item as Global variable relating to the Item table and changed up this code in the OnAfterGetRecord part of the Stockkeeping Unit. ItemDescription[ColumnNo] := Item.Description + Item.“Description 2”; I know that I need to use the GET function somewhere but I am not exactly sure what and where. I know it’s going to be something simple… help!?! Thanks.

You either put the Item.GET(“Item No.”) in the OnAfterGetRecord Trigger for the SKU Table. Another Option is to put CALCFIELDS(Description,“Description 2”) in the OnAfterGetRecord Trigger and use ItemDescription[ColumnNo] := Description + “Description 2”;

Hi Sandy, As mentioned by CrisK, using the Calcfields function on after get record is probably the best & simplest solution.

Works like a charm!