Label file and AOS cache

I have a development environment with an AOS running 30+ applications, and appx. 100 programmers using it. Is it possible to have the AOS flushing the label cache to the ALD file WITHOUT(!!) restarting the AOS Server Manager? Sometimes it is possible just to restart the specific object - but it only works 1 out of 20 times. [xx(] Thanks in advance

Hi wassini, I do it always as following (and it works 19 out of 20 times) - the AOS instance I need the labelfile from - delete *.ali from the needed ald - start application 2-tier - open one label of this labelfile (I always create a job with just one label like “@BLA1111” and search this label - close the application and your ald should be filled hope this helps…

Hi grau, unfortunately, it is not possible to delete the *.ali file if an object server is still running. Following setup: 2 clustered AOS, at 1. AOS a new label is created. The second AOS does not show the label. But it is not possible to delete the *.ali file, as it is locked by the AOS. How can the *.ali file be deleted then ?

Hi Helmut, There’s no way (as from my point of view) to delete a *.ali when a AOS instance is running for this application directory. If somebody knows how to do this I would appreciate to get this information! So, Helmut, I guess there’s no other way to stop the second AOS as well and get the labels afterwards. regards

Hi grau, I wonder if MBS will ever succeed in that. There are so many inconvenient things like that: Label creation, axdat.udb!

It would be nice if there was a button in the AOS: Dump lable file now.