L/C (Letter of Credit) handling in Navision

Hey Y’all:

Anybody again can point me to the right direction as to where I might find some resources regarding Letter of Credit handling capabilities in Navision. I doubt if this functionality is built in but most probably third party vendors have developed some add ons for it. Especially from places like India. I guess related to this would be bank loan guarantee handling, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.

yup!! they have developed a base function for the L/C in indian localisation. and it is linked to Orders. but max you can do is track its utilisation. foreign l/c’s etc too have been developed. some one from indian nsc should be able to give you its pdf manual.


Indian NSC???

Sorry, didn’t get the reference. Can anybody kindly be a bit more specific on where I can the resource for the Indian localization L/C module?


What you could do is put some code in codeunit 12 just before a custledgerentry is inserted.

Right there the “guaranteed amount” of the letter of credit could be decreased with the amount of the new custledgerentry. But only if the document type is an invoice.

Change the credit-limit check (CU312) to also check the remaining amount of the letter of credit. If this amount equals zero or less the letter of credit is not valid anymore. Some extra code could take care of the due date of the letter of credit.

Hope this is something you can use.

Greetings, Remco