"Kits" in Navision

I am a new user and am trying to determine how to handle what I call “kits”. My definition of “kits” is best illustrated by using a furniture store example. You can buy a table, several chairs, and maybe a hutch as individual items, or, you can purchase all the pieces as a “dining room suite”. Usually there is one price for buying the whole group - and it is usually less money than if you bought all pieces individually. The Sales Order/Invoice would show a line defining the “suite” with the price. Then there would be individual lines shown for each of the components - table, chairs, hutch with no pricing on the individual lines. This is very common in the furniture industry and a lot of software packages handle this very well. My company sells grass seed - usually by the bag. Sometimes we blend several bags of different varieties together to create a “custom blend”. For example, let’s say we are blending 4 different seed varities together to create 8 bags of blended seed. To keep it simple, let’s say we are using equal parts - therefore we are 2 bags of variety as input to create the 8 bags of blended product. We also negotiate a special price for doing. We want the Sales Order/Invoice to show only that special price. The first line should be for the “blended item” and show the price. The next 4 lines should simply list each of the components (2 bags each) that went into the blend. My example is similar to the furniture store selling the suite - at least I think it is. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this. Is there an Add-on granule available to do this. Thanks for any help.

Check out standard Navision BOM functionality. NOT Production BOM, but regular BOM. You can find it on the Item Card under the Item button, Assembly List, Bill of Materials. You can then choose to either do BOM Journals to create inventory of your suite from the individual components, or you can ‘explode the BOM’ on the sales order, which replaces the suite item with its components. It would involve some customizations to automatically do some of the things depending on your requirements, but you can get the jist of it by playing around with this feature in a Cronus database.

Navision by default doesn’t have a Kit functionality. However, we’ve done and implemented many Kit base customizations with success. But, definately requires modificaiton.

The simplest modification to make, is to create Item BOMS, and create a small function in CU80 that when you try to ship an Item BOM, it will populate a BOM journal and post it. Use the Shipment No or the order number as the BOM Journal number, so it is easy to navigate later. This requires the least mods, and works for 90% of customers. Issues arise if you use serial numbers, reservations dimensions or something like that.

David: something else that you missed is that his sales orders use different boms quantity. So you can’t just use standard item boms for every order.

What’s really needed in Navision to do kits is a table linked to sales line that fills up by the BOM components when You enter a BOM on the sales line. You need to maintain “Qty shipped”, “Qutstanding Qty” and such fields in this table from cu80 since You will need a flowfield on the item for “Qutstanding Qty” for demand planning. When posting You will either post negative adjustments on the components and a positive on the BOM before the BOM is posted as a sale in cu 80 or You might want the components to be posted as sale directly and have the BOM acting as a “phantom”. There is also an issue about pricing. Especially if You set posting up by the second alternative above. Where should the price be set? On the components or on the sales line? If itäs on the sales line You want to distribute prices among the components. If it’s on the components You need to sum up to the sales line. Or maybe You need to support both methods. There’s a lot more details to it before You have a bullet proofe solution, but in general terms I think it is a versatile solution.

I have an Add-On called StockManager that does exactly this, but haven’t yet upgraded it to the latest versions. In any case Gary has either vanished, or doesn’t care anymore, since he has not replied, so I guess it doesn’t matter to him any more.

I was away for a few days. I’m still very interested. Can you supply more info on your add-on?

I have also written an Add-on. and it is being used at 3 our customers. It was written in 3.7 and ported to 4.0.

Hi Ahmed. Would you mind contacting me at garyd@byseeds.com and providing me with more info about your add-on.