Kit (BOM) Mods

Are there any BOM mods out there that can modify BOM components? Want to: 1. Change item quantities within BOM. 2. Have BOM price change automatically with the item changes. 3. Insert/delete item lines. 4. Price BOM and have the BOM price roll back to components. These are the basic requirements although there are some more important ones as well. Thanks

I have written an Add-On that will do this, but in reallity better advise, is to use Navision Manufacturing. With Planning froma a sales order, it is very litle extra work, and the side benefits are really worth while.

Thanks you David. Does Navision offer a sample company in the manufacturing software similar to the Cronus Company in the distribution software? We could test our methodoligy in the manufacturing test company first. Also, since we have the distributing software already, can we migrate to the manufacturing software without too much pain (man hours and cost)? For the mod you wrote, do you have any documentation? Maybe your mod may fill-the-bill. Thank you.

What version are you on? I never bothered moving it to 3.xx, since you can now get dist and manufacturing in one DB. If youare on 2.60, it could be viable for you.

I am on version 3.60

On 3.60, you really should first look at using manufacturing. Install a Cronus database and license, and give it a try. Using the product out of the box is always the best way to go. It may cost a little bit more up front, but after a couple of upgrades and support issues, you will always come out in front.

Our NSC has suggested a small manufacturing add-on. It looks like it will do most of what you are looking, without the big expense of the manufacturing granule. Check out for some details. I have some other documentation if you need it.

Hi Grot, I’ve consulted to the developers of our company and they say that, if you are talking about Production BOM, we have developed a module, the Explosion/implosion add-on that will allow you to do and see all your requests. Please visit our web and download the product sheet. We do have screencam files to send. Best regards, Susana Palomar