Killing sessions

I have tried to kill sessions using source code, seems it works but we have seen that after we have killed some sessions we can use more sessions license allows.

Anybody knows something about this??

Thanks ¡¡¡¡

Dear Fran

Which version of NAV are you using ? Certainly killing sessions will decrease the number of simultaneous user and your licence will allow another user to use the application at the instance. And this functionality differs according to the versions of NAV.


Gaurav Singh

We are using NAV 2009 SP1, but our problem is that if we have 31 users and we kill 1 session then we can have 32 sessions one new and one for killed session.


You can try following link for killing sessions.

Yes I have seen this, but the problem I saw is that usign this I have seen that I can use more licenses than I have hired in the license. Is this possible??

Are you using classic or RTC client ??