Keys to link payment journal to Apply Vendor Entries

Hi ,

Been trying to search for the key to link the Gen. Journal Line table and Vendor Ledger Entry but not successful.

Initial thought was using Applies-To-ID but later found out this field in not unique as BC allowed duplicate document no.

Can someone assist me on this ? i would like to create a payment voucher report showing the applied invoices. Thanks

I believe that the Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry table provides the links you are looking for.


Adding to what Dave replied…

If I was looking at a Posted Vendor Invoice and wanted to link the Vendor Ledger Entry No. back to the General Ledger Entry No. here is the breakdown of linked fields:

General Ledger Entry-
Entry No. (on GLE)
Transaction No. (Same as VLE)

Vendor Ledger Entry-
Entry No. (From GLE)
Transaction No. (Same as GLE)

Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry-
Vendor Ledger Entry No.
Transaction No. (Same as VLE/GLE)

Hope this helps.

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