Keeping customer owned inventory at zero cost

We can’t be the only company out there with this issue…We received a full truckload of XXX. It is received through a PO. We then bill the customer for the full truckload by using a sales order and reserving the received load. This all has a cost and sell. We keep the full truckload of XXX at our warehouse and track inventory levels as the customer comes and takes XXX bits at a time. We need to see the original cost and sell in the normal accounting places but we also need to see the actual inventory level of XXX and it’s cost needs to be kept at 0.00. Our original implementation company came up with a solution of keeping a separate “Customer Owned Ledger” but this is not working as it does not have the full functionality of the Item Ledger. Our new IT partner has suggested making an additional XXX-1 item and modifying the system to place the full truckload quantity into this item at zero cost thus we would have one item (XXX) where we would see the cost and sell and another Item (XXX-1) where we could keep track of the actual inventory for our customers. I don’t really want to have to increase our items by doing this. Is there some way to have everything happen in one item? Receive and invoice with quantity, put the quantity back at zero cost so we can keep track with only 1 Item?

We also don’t want to have to manually post cost revaluations or have to insert quantities manually. We run through inventory too quickly for this to be an option.

I would love to hear from anyone knowing of any solutions or anyone with similar issues and what you have done to address this issue.



Hi Red ,

This is sth different to what we normally do (consigment stock) . But once you sell to your customer , why dont you not buy it back on zero cost. Depends how you are valuating your stock this may be a soltuion with FIFO.

This way you’d have one item…


Why not just create a separate location code and put it in there. Same item, same item ledger, you can see you quantities on hand based on location, and you have all of the other functionality associated with it.

Well in that case the stock is owned still by them not the customer.

Based on this I beleive they sold the products already but keep them in stock ,as “foreign stock” .


Thanks for suggesting something that might actaully solve my problem…I’m having it tested and will let you know if it ends up working for us.

This might work in conjunction with the location but it would have to be a modification of the system as we do not have to time to do this manually. Thanks for offering the suggestion.