kanban and navision manufacturing

Dear all experts, I have a problem relate to kanban and navision. There is a company want to implement navision but they have implemented kanban. Pls let me know what functionality in navision that supports the kanban. thank you rgds, Johnson

Ultimately you need to reflect the Kanban in Navision. You can do this by replicating it as an order. I also believe there are some third party add-ons tailored to ease the transition of the anban into Navision. Ultimately the kanban is simply a signal to begin work, whereas Navision requires a finite period, a start and end date to reflect the work and production. I have read about people mirroring kanban processing in Navision, but naturally this is dependant upon the use and definition of kanban in the customer. I have also read about the add-ons.

Dear Steven, Could you please let me know the company that has made the adds-on relate to kanban ? I have read in manufacturing manual that there are RLC and send-ahead qty as a JIT functionality in navision. Could I use them as kanban ? For example, if company makes kanban 10 pcs of a certain product item and store it in the warehouse and if the item issued for sale about 1 pcs then it automatically orders production shop floor to produce 1 pcs to fill the stock of 10 pcs. Is this situation Kanban ? rgds, Mark

Hi Mark The definition of kanban is used in such a massive variety of ways it is almost impossible to say Navision will replicate the procedure. Ultimately a Kanban is a visual tool, you do not need the system to push this information to you, it is there obvious on the shop floor, you get a signal you do the work. What of course you need to do is replicate the kanban movement in Navision. I would argue that if the system is generating the Kanban the movement of this to the shop floor has to be clear for success, going the other way would be easier, but clunkier. Send ahead quantities are not Kanban related, they just allow the concatenation of the routing and capacity, in other words the first operation does not have to be complete before the second operation begins, this is static to the routing of one order and I would therefore say it is not really kanban, as a kanban would be independent and each operation is independent and not on one order. The RLC is for the flushing of material, again the supply and demand is already done, and not really relevant to Kanban, but nowadays Kanban is used to describe a multitude of sins, so the definition and what fits into it is yours! I would recommend you get the official add-on catalogue and have a look. I ave seen a couple demonstrated by companies in the UK but I cannot say if they work or are used. I would also say depending upon the customers requirements it maybe as easy to do the modification from scratch.