Just a simple question but....

Anyone can tell me the best codes for below problem : Master table has 2 field : Starting Date and Ending Date I want to Lookup from transaction form and it has 2 field : I fill Transaction Date(first field - textbox) and when I lookup to the master table from second field(textbox), I want only show records BETWEEN starting Date and Ending Date. I have try it and code OnLookup trigger.

where are you entering Starting Date and Ending Date?

On Master Table I maintain Starting Date and Ending Date

it should be a simple OnLookup Trigger: Table.RESET; Table.SETRANGE(“Transaction Date”,“Starting Date”,“Ending Date”); FORM.RUNMODAL(0,Table); This is the idea. You would probably need checking for valid dates. Is this what you were looking for, or have I mis-understood the question?