Journalize transactions in GL


Can i know the what is purpose of journalize the trasaction in GL module and what is effect we can find after doing this


You can disable/enable Journalizing in System Admin in the License Confiuration under General Ledger, so find out if it’s a requirement first :wink: Journalizing is required in certain countries where you must maintain a printed list of your transactions each period/month. The Journalizing process provides a journalizing journal number and journalizing number sequence, which is two additional fields on the LedgerTxn table the journalizing process writes to. These journals/numbers provide just another number to help assist in listing/linking transactions. There is no GL posting impacts when journalizing.


Hi Tyler ,

I am not clear about the above statement . Can you explain in detail ?

Honestly, I have not worked with any clients that have specifically requested this as a requirement. I would imagine as more and more companies are moving to paperless, this may be become an outdated feature. I guess it’s better to have the function than not! :wink:

Do you currently have a requirement that would utilize the Journalizing functionality?