Please advice me on the below entry to be made in Navision 2009

Bill Discounted Dr,

Foreign Bank Charges on Exports DR,

Punjab National Bank cr,

Customer cr,

Interest On Bills Discounted CR,

Realised Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss DR

I am unable to post the above entry in all the Journals & Vouchers

Both Debit & Credit amount Tallies.

Please advice me ASAP



Narayan - phrases like urgent, ASAP are not welcome on this (and almost all other) forums - for that MS Support lines exist [:@]

As to your question - and what prevents you from entering all mentioned above in a Journal in a single-entry style?

Sorry for that

When i post the Journal i am getting error message as Debit is not tallying with credit

I am not able to make the entry in Single entry style



Can you check you have not defined Balance Account in any of the line, Further Check whether field “Total Balance” (On the voucher form) is equal to zero when you are posting the voucher and also does Test reports shows any warning.