Journal Posting

I have created a journal batch (General Journal), just like I do everyother month. It contains exactly 74 lines when I try to print a test report the last four lines give me the error “Bal. Gen. Posting type must be specified”. OK I specify this but it throws me another warining “Vat Posting type not specified”. I get rid of the last 4 lines, and it works fine. If I however add a new line somewhere between the jornal lines (to make 71 lines) it gives me the same warning “Bal. Gen. Posting type must be specified” for the new line, even if its not the last line in the batch. I to simulate this in Cronus but it worked fine. I also checked my settings they seem fine. Is there something I’m leaving out. Thanx

Hi Walter, For right now you are leaving out the details of those journal line. What kind of journal lines were they: do they have balancing account, do any of the accounts have Gen. Posting Type setup, do they have bus. or prod. posting groups or VAT posting groups on them, do the batches have balancing side setup already? Cristi

Hi Cristi The lines are: In the general journal, and there is a balancing account for every line. No Gen. Posting Types or Prod. Posting Types are setup. The batches do not balancing side setup. I have already setup the VAT posting groups and even used them in previous batches successfuly. I hope this information is enough. If you require anything just ask. Thanks