Journal Approvals - Ledger

Hi, I have had the following request and cannot see any way to achieve this in NAV2009 SP1 Classic.

I can see that I can setup Purchase/Sales approvals only. I have spent a couple of hours reading the help and searching on the web. Was hoping someone would be able to advise.

"I am attempting to move a lot of the administrative work around our Management Reports over to Victor, however the first thing I noticed was that he does not have access to create general journals in NAV.

General Journals are essential to updating most of our Balance Sheet Accounts but I am also aware of the issues that can be caused if these are created and posted incorrectly. With this in mind could we give xxx access to create general journals while still restricting his ability to post these?"

Thanks as ever for your help. Sue

You can manage through Roles & Permissions

There are two default roles in system

  1. G/L-JOURNAL :- Create entries in G/L Journnals

  2. G/L-JOURNAL, POST :- Post G/L journals