Journal Approval Process

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Do anybody customized Journal approval Process in Finance Management in NAV.

can any one Suggest or give me some idea, as to how to go about.

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Exactly what do you mean? I think people customize the Journal every day. But what exactly are you looking for?

If you mean restricting the user for the posting button, you can add boolean fileds in the user setup table and based on it (TRUE or FALSE) you display a message when pushing the posting button in the journal.

Of course it is depending on the approval process requirements…


@Mohamed: If that was the case, then it would be much better to add the posting codeunit to the permission setup.

Also if we were talking about preventing from posting until an approval had been obtained, then this wouldn’t really usable either.

So I would really like to hear from Suresh what he actually means.

hi Erik

thanks for the Reply…

One of my client requirement is

User 1 who creates the journal User 2 will approves it and user 3 will Post it, and in another Scenario user 3 will approves it and then user 1 will post the same.

We can give permissions, but client requires approval process just like the Purchase and Sales.

any suggestions on this…


Hmmm… There is no much sense in “approving” a Journal - as it easily can be changed, lines deleted or added…

How do you expect to control, that user will post THE SAME data which were “approved”? No way to restrict Journal editing AFTER some approval -which itself must be somehow designed- and BEFORE posting.

Well, quick idea - you might enforce your users to “Post & Print” only - so hardcopy remains of who, when and what posted for traceability…

Or ChangeLog may be used as alternative, but this is very resource-consuming feature, DB size will grow dramatically with excess logging of actually unneded data or inaccurate CL setup, so this option must have serious reason to use.

This requirement is not available in standard version and it needs customization to use the standard Approval process for Sales and Purchase documents in Journals too. the standard Approval Entry table is designed to Documents and not journals. The main difference between Documents and Journals is that documents have document Type and No., where as Journals are having template and Batch name, hence we cannot customize the standard approval process to incorporate the the journals. But looking at the standard functionality the same can be developed for journals with new table for Approval Entry which will have the primary key as Table ID,Template Name,Batch Name,Sequence No. This needs understanding of the standard functionality and expertize in customization.




Well, but main difference between Docs and Journals is that you may have unlimited number of Docs waiting for further processing (approving, posting, rejecting, editing, whatsoever), but it’s not the case with Journals…

The very idea how Journals are designed, when only Batches separate one bunch of lines from another, doesn’t allow you to keep several “draft level” Batches with THE SAME NAME unposted, waiting for some “approval”. Looks like you supposed SequenceNo in your answer for this purpose, but IMHO it’s rather “slippery” solution…

This seems to be a case, where consultant should discuss with client his requirements and offer more suitable solution - it’s rather common mistake in implementation process to blindly follow client’s wishes, even the most awkward and illogical ones - it’s your task as consultant to negotiate, as YOU know how Navision works - client doesn’t yet at that stage. Not every business case in use before Navision must be blindly repeated in Navision implementation, that for analysis period exist for consultant(s) and client to come to common solution HOW things will be done.

Taking into consideration what transactions are usually posted through Journals, it seems that this exact client doesn’t trust his employees at all, so it’s more administrative question than tehnical/programmatical. Well, it’s easier to fire such untrustable employees and hire normal people instead…


This post is quite old and I was wondering if anybody’s learned anything new or had any amazing ideas for this. I must say that I’m agreeing with Modris Ivans approach. I’m thinking that any solution would need to consider the following:

  1. It would need to “know” when lines that have been inserted/modified/deleted after being approved.
  2. Users would need to have access/posting control according to batch/template.
  3. A substitute approval process might be necessary in case an Approve is sick/on leave/temporarily unavailable at a time when Journals need to be posted urgently.