Journal and Entry Table

Hi all,

I’m implementing a sales journal(for sale of items) and sales entry table(to view transactions). What basically enables posting from the journal to the entry table?


I am guessing on your Item Sales Journal line you are going to need to specify a Customer No., Item No., Qty, and Unit Price.

If it were me I would look for an easy life and make my posting routine create a sales invoice for each line using the Customer No. (you will obviously need to write code to do this but at least it will force you to think about what to enter to the fields that you would normally enter on to a Sales Invoice Document form). I would then create a single sales line on this invoice for the item and quantity you are selling.

I could then call the regular Sales-Post routine which would create all of the entries for me.

This is probably not the slickest or the fastest (execution time) way of meeting the requirment but it is going to take less time to develop and be easier to upgrade.

Thanks for all.

I have put code on the OnPush trigger of the sale journal form - posting menu item. However, I am not sure of how values of the journal get to the entries table!!i

Just to explain what I need to achieve: I am making an application from scratch. All my tables and forms are fine except for the journal and entry objects.

Plse assist me go over this. My code is not through codeunits. I’m coding on the forms and tables.


IF you have a Solution Developer Licence (is it stall called that?) you can look at the code underneath the Command and Menu buttons in:

General Journal, Sales order and Purchase Orders.

If you don’t have a Solution Developer Licence for goodness sakes stop now and emply a developer and/or a tutor.