Job Scheduling

Hi all,

i’m facing a problem in production life cycle, i’ve created route version, bom version for a particular production order, i’ve started the life cycle by estimating, scheduling…, when i’m update the production order by job scheduling, am not unable to view the list of jobs in the job button, i.e the operations are not being converted to jobs.

Can anyone help me with it…?


do you have Production 3

Pls see in Route Group>setup>job management…Setup and Process muc be activated for job management

Hi Hardik Patel, thanks for replying, yes the setup and process are selected

SFC - Setup - Production - Production Parameters - Operations Tab - Job Status setting.

Nothing is working[:(]

you have skype or somthing…

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Because you do not know the setup and requirements, nothing to do with the system in reality [:D]

while updating the Production order with job scheduling, pl check cancellation tab in “job scheduling” form (all fields should be clear)

No i’ve gone through each and every setups related to routes, operations, production order, work center…etc., but couldn’t figure it out…

Would you kindly list all of the places you have gone through and checked with the relevant settings so we can guide you?

Currently i am also facing the same situation. But Job card is created for me in few production orders.

I am using following settings

  1. same Route Group - Setup, process active under Job management

  2. All cancellations are unchecked while job scheduling

  3. Setup and process times are allocated for each of the operations

  4. All activities of production are enabled under Production parameters - status

  5. Appropriate journals names are assigned for job card journal and same journal is used for both the cases

Anything else i need to check…


Did you check your calendar and working time templates as this is the basis of the time.

Just my two cents worth.

Calendar is defined for a period of 9 hrs with working times as 9.00am-1.00pm and 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

sunday is holiday…