Job Scheduling with requirement type resource group

Hi All,

I am facing some issue with job scheduling. Scenario is following.

I have 5 Resourcess (MC1 , MC2, MC3, MC4, MC5) group together under “MC Group”.

All resources can perform similar operation but only cycle time differs. Here I am attaching Resource group in Route MC “Group”.

My requirement is as per availability system should suggest me available resources. If one resources not capable to handle requirement then system should select second available resource when I run Job scheduling.

Here problem is I need to mention resource requirement on route line then only system selecting resources.(EX. If I mention 1 resource requirement then only one resource is scheduling ) Here How would I know how many resources require so system should select up to 5 resources as per availability.

If I run job scheduling then cycle time of each resources is not flowing to the line level (System only considering route operation cycle time ) and not able to get schedule. If cycle time of each resources not flowing as per scheduling then what is use to mention on each resources.

Kindly suggest solution.

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Hi All …I expect solution from you

Are you scheduling the resources on capacity? So you set the capacity on each resource, then in the route you set the formula to be based upon capacity. You can factor this but ultimately it should be 1 if your resource differences are defined on the resource. Then you set the route to look at the group - assuming you are using finite capacity it will then pick the appropriate free resource and define the time as per the capacity defined against the resource. Routing times are irrelevant if you set the route formula to capacity.

Thanks Adam for your suggestion.

In this case system is only suggesting one resources or giving error of capacity not available.

my requirement is system should go further and select second available resource to full fill requirement or all available resources.

For above case I need to manually change resources requirement and need to run scheduling again.

Kindly suggest

That would imply you have defined the resource on the routing not the group.

If the 5 resources are setup with capacity with active calendars and availability and they are finite it will assess the best resource to schedule against.

Hi Adam, I have defined resource group on routing .

System is suggesting best possible resource but I dont want only one possible resource . To fulfill demand system should suggest require resources for job scheduling.

I have kept finite capacity , calenders r active but system is suggesting only one resource or error about not available capacity.

Kindly help and Thanks !

Hi All,

This problem has been solved by using resources quantity and Loading.

If we want to complete order by two resources then I need to use resources quantity 2 and loading 50

Ifwe want to complete order by three resources then I need to use resources quantity 3 and loading 33.33

Thanks ALL