Job scheduling vs operation scheduling

Hi :

Can any one explain to me the meaning of the “Production scheduling” in AX2012 in general and the difference between Job scheduling and operation scheduling , and if it has a cost effect on the production cost or it is just only a way to manage the available resources in my factory??

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production scheduling looks at the capacity of the resources and the time it takes to make the product (based upon the route) and then schedules it in to reduce available capacity. so if it takes 4 days to make a product and the resource required is not available for 10 days it starts production in 11 days for 4 days and plans material for 11 days. out.

Job scheduling will tell you that it must start at 10.33 on 07.05.13 and finish at 22.13 on 08.05.13. Operation scheduling would say you start on 07.05.13 and finish on 08.05.13.