Job scheduling & operation scheduling


i given one route network and Production calender for one BOM and my question is what is the need to schedule the jobs and operations… to produce that BOM. at what stage we have to schedule those…

The stage is up to timings but it is to firm up the time in the plan - the capacity impact.

Any recommendation regarding when to use operation scheduling and when to use job scheduling?

The result of each one is different, so there is no particular recommendation, it depends on your needs. Operation scheduling will make the schedule considering the capacity of the different resources as a whole, while job scheduling will distribute the different jobs resource by resource.

Operations schedule: 12 hours of work for all the operations, 24 hours of total capacity with all resources.

Job scheduling: 3 hours operation A in resource X1, 6 hours operation B in resource X2 and 3 hours Operation C in resource X3.

When you need to know the time over the day.

Can I run both of them for a production order? Or only one I can choose to run?

You can’t run both at a time…ya you can run directly Job scheduling by skipping the operation scheduling (system will automatically run operation scheduling). to do this go on Production–>common forms–>production order form…select any order and press job scheduling directly…

You can run both but technically the scheduling setting defines how it is scheduled.

So which means if I set the scheduling to “Operation scheduling”, even I click the Job Scheduling button on the production order form, it still run the operation scheduling?


Hi Atech AO,

In fact it doesnt work exactly as you mentioned about Production parameters. The Scheduling parameters on production only makes you choose a default planning method while you need to use automatic planning on production orders.

Even if you have choosen operation planning on paraemters, you can schedule jobs on production order by manuelly.


the answer to your question is YES. because operation scheduling if first step of scheduling.

this field is applicable for automatic execution if you skip the require steps of order life cycle.

If you set scheduling method as “operational scheduling” in Automatic Execution field in Parameter by Site form, and if you skip job scheduling and press any upward status button then your production order will not be job scheduled…(it only Operational scheduled)