Job - Sales Invoice and Item NAV 5.00


I have a job with planning lines of resource and item.
I can specify if the line type is Contract or Schedule.

I can consume more or less resource than Scheduled and post a sales invoice for the “Contract” quantity , it works.
But with items i get the following message “You should consume Item xxx before you post sales invoice …”

I need to have a “Schedule” quantity and to be able to invoice the “Contract” quantity even if all the items have not been consumed.

Does anybody have a solution ?

Thanks in advance for your help


My last project had a similar issue with how NAV worked out of the box. Standard NAV does not allow you to invoice the item until it’s consumed via the job journal.

This project still needed ability to provide progress billings. In the end they choose to setup planning lines of Line Type = Contract, of Type = Resource for progress billings. They would typically set these up with Unit Cost = 0 so as to not impact Schedule Total Cost.

All progress billings tended to be billed before the items were consumed and show on a printed invoice, all progress billings were on planning lines of Type = Resource. Item planning lines were still setup and ultimately made it to a sales invoice, but with a unit price = $0.

I hope this helps . . .