Job Queue - Report Request Page

Hi All,

Background information - My organization wants to print Posted Sales Invoices in two different printers. I only able to setup in one printer as Printer selection won’t allow to print the same report in two printers. So I thought I will create a Job to produce all the Posted Sales Invoices issued on a day and manually let them print all at once. (FYI we use universal printing)

Now I have created a Job queue and in the report request page I can specify Document date from. However, I want to change this date to automatically where it would pick up the current date.

Does any one know a way to resolve this ?


Hey There!

You can do a few things here. How I’ve solved for this in the past is one of two ways:

  1. See if the report you are trying to schedule will accept date calculations in the report request page. Some reports to in BC/NAV, some do not.

HERE is a URL on creating date calculations in BC / NAV:

  1. If # 1 does not work, you will need to have your partner, or internal developer modify the report to hard code the date calculation in the report so when it runs via the job queue the filters will be applied automatically.


Adding to Gino’s reply… What you are asking for, telling the Job Queue to pull all Sales Invoices, with a Document Date = TODAY will require your Partner to add an extension for a Job Queue. Contact them to make this customization. It is not hard.