Job Queue (Navision Application Server) Error

Dynamics NAV Classic 2009 SP1 Client with 5.0 Objects

We have a job queue (Navision Application Server) that runs in the evening (it takes 40 minutes normally) and as part of this routine it accesses the item table, sales price table in which it creates a HTML file and from this HTML file it generates this CSV file. After the 20MB CSV file generation is completed the 60MB+ HTML file is deleted.

When run manually it runs fine without errors.

Note: After the job queue is restarted it runs fine for the first few nights and then it eventually fails with the following error:

Another user has changed the definition of the Item table after the activity was started.

Start your activity again.

I’ve tried compiling the item table but the error still keeps coming back.

Another note: this has started happening since a database migration to a new SQL server and the error seems to occur within the SQL Server backup routine window where a index rebuild takes place initially as part of this maintenance plan. We are going to try delaying the plan to run slightly later but still not sure why it would work some evenings and some evenings not.

Can anyone think of any other reason why this might fail repeatedly?

Thank You in advance.

Other than through NAV code that causes your current instance of a record to become obsolete (two different record variables pointing to the same record, one modifies it after the other has read it, sort of thing), you’ll also see this error condition when external processes write directly to the database back end (SQL Server), thereby bypassing the record buffer in the service tier.

To address it, you might take the approach you’re suggestion … mitigating the interrupting external processes. Or, you might take a look at the SELECTLATESTVERSION command.