job card posting


i have an issue.

i have configured all my production flow and all my picking list journals and route journals are posting as per requirement.

But the issue is with job card journals. my job card journals are not created automatically.

Could any one of you help me in this regard’s.

If you are posting your routing as required why do you want job card journals?

Dear Adam,

As i said early. all my posting are posted as required. but my job card is not generated for an production order.

the non generation of job card journals by the system is the issue.

I hope you got the issue.

Dear Adam,

As per the scenario, i don’t want operation scheduling i am doing job scheduling in this case the job card need to be created automatically like route card. But i am not getting the job card.

Any parameter is there to generate automatic job card.

my current version is AX2012

The job card is just the route, you are posting the route, so you do not need the job card. Job cards are used for Shop Floor Control booking of operation time, you are already doing this by creating and posting the route card correctly for you.

Dear Adam,

let me thank you for the replay.

My issue is that, i wanted to post job card not my route card.

i mean, i need to report my operation in job wise not route wise.

i want this job card to be created by system as how my route card is created currently.

You need to ensure you are job scheduling. You also need to look at the production parameters in shop floor control.