Jet Reports Error


I am hoping that someone has seen this before.

A user had Excel crash and since then Jet Reports does not work. We have tried running the repair and also uninstalling and reinstalling.

The Jet tab does not show up in Excel. When we try to go to Options in Excel to enable the add-in, we get the error message: Microsoft Excel cannot access the file ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\JetReports\JetReports.xll’. (The file does exist)


I’d start by uninstalling Jet, then going into c:\Program Files(x86), and then make sure the JetReports directory is completely removed. Reboot the computer. Try reinstalling Jet at that point and then enabling it. If you’re still getting the error you may have to contact them for support. I know we saw something similar to this when one of my techs pushed an update to the 64-bit version of the software to users that were on the 32-bit version.

Thanks, Bryan.

We already uninstalled and checked to make sure the program folder was gone before reinstalling. We only have one installation file to choose from for Jet.

You only end up with two files to choose from if you use their MSI for push installs.

When you uninstall does the plugin disappear from the list in Excel?

You also need to ensure that the old settings are cleared it’s usually that is the first thing to fix before trying a reinstall.

Settings are in %appdata%\Roaming\Jet Reports Most commonly the license file gets corrupted and set to zero bytes and the licence backup is named .BAK - you can delete the zero byte file and rename the .BAK version by removing the .BAK

You can also try simply deleting the settings folder and doing a completely clean install. A reinstall without removing the settings folder actually achieves nothing other than perhaps a version upgrade if you were running an old version.

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That is a great suggestion. Thanks.

A MS Office Repair fixed the issue.