Javascript popu menus & CP frames

Hi all, A rather web-designer question, hope a guru there can solve it. Commerce Portal uses frames to control output on the website. In the standar CP, the top is Globalmenu.asp and has some links e.g. ‘Contact us’, ‘Help’ etc. We need to have submenus for these links, for which we have made PageProperties linked back to Navision etc. However the submenus need to popup as javascript popup menus. If I run the page without frames below globalmenu.asp, the JS popups work great. However when I have frames beneath globalmenu.asp (e.g. Customermain.asp, productcard.asp), the popups sorta get ‘hidden’ or ‘cut off’ due lack of space as there is a frame right below it. Has anyone worked with CP with popup menus AND frames? Any advice would be appreciated the Wish Man