Items with multiple categories/classes - possible?

Hi, The Item card has a Class field which is synchronized on the Commerce Server as ‘Category’. Our customer however needs that each item can be attached to MORE THAN ONE class. So in the CP, the web customer can see Item A if he chooses Category (class) X, Y or Z. I have seen an earlier thread from .NET and answered by Alfonso on sub-classes but this is slightly different. I could make a new table and form to store many-to-many Item/Class information in C/SIDE in a minute, but how easy or difficult is it to integrate it with the Front End. I dont know much about ASP/Commerce Server. Our web guy says he thinks it canot be done and he is suggesting this multiple category be handled from Commerce Server. I think that is against the philosophy of giving the Navision user as much front-end control as possible so I do not want to use this method. This must have cropped up before, can someone help?> regd the Wish Man