Items sending out for processing

Hi all

I had a small problem with one of my client. they used to send some materials outside for processing. For example they send item A and they receive item B. so i am moving item A into suspense location through transfer order and receiving item B through warehouse receipt. but the problem is still the item A is lying in one of our location, but it has to consume so how can i link this to the warehouse receipt, so that when ever i create warehouse receipt and post, automatically the items which are lying in the suspense should get consume

Any sort of help is appreciable



You can’t accomplish that. You can’t consume items that are in transit location.

Hi Satya,

the correct way to do this is to create a purchase order to this company for -1 of Item A and +1 of Item B. When you send the item out, post the receipt of Negative 1 of Item A. Then when you get the modified Item B back, you post the rest of the document to balance everythign out.

Hmm maybe not the “correct way”.

I should have said “The Way I Normally Do It”. [H]

thanks for ur reply…

but can i create the warehouse receipt for the item B which i am going to receive after releasing the purchase order. If i am going to receive the items through warehouse receipt then what about the item A which we enter as negative quantity.