Items locking up in Counting Journals

We are working through taking a year-end inventory and have a counting journal issue.

Our AX 2009 SP1 is set up with several warehouses: DC, Vendor, ReTag, Store 1, Store 2, Store 3, etc.

We have noticed that if we first create a counting journal with warehouse “DC” and “SKU-Test1” we can add the same SKU to another counting journal in a different warehouse. This is what we expect.

However, if we first create a counting journal with a warehouse other than “DC”, such as “ReTag” or “Store 1”, using “SKU-Test1” we cannot add the same SKU to another counting journal in a different warehouse. We get the error "Item ‘SKU-Test1’ is locked for updates in warehouse ‘Store XX’ because it is being counted." This is going to cause problems as we had planned on running stock count inventories at multiple store locations across the country on the same day.

Would anyone know what is causing this? Why would a counting journal started with the DC warehouse, our main distribution center, allow the same items to be added to another warehouse counting journal but not vice-versa?

Have a look at the warehouse item record against the item. I guess there is one line set for your main distribution warehouse DC. This means that it is locked at the DC level, as the others are not set it takes and locks the blank line. To control this properly in this manner you need a warehouse item for every warehouse record for every item being counted.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Adam. Once I added other warehouses to some SKU’s as a test I did not have problems with the items locking up in the counting journals. Now, hopefully, I can use an Excel template to update 12 warehouses to our 20,000+ SKU’s.

I am finding that many items have one line in the Warehouse Item form that contains the DC warehouse with a blank line just above. Sometimes DC is on two lines with a blank line inbetween. Many other items (ones imported with an Excel template) only have the blank line at the top of the form. When I try to delete the blank line I get the message “Default warehouse parameters for the item cannot be deleted”.

Is there a default warehouse setting that would add the DC and other warehouses to an item when it is created? I thought it might be located at Retail Headquarters > Setup > Parameters > Item creation tab (we have DC as default) but when I create a new item no warehouse is assigned to the Warehouse item form - just the blank line that can’t be deleted.

Thanks again for your help.

the default is to handle where you set no warehouse items, it has to exist and therefore cannot be deleted, it allows users to NOT create warehouse items but still lock counting, it just does it across all warehouses. There is no auto-creation of warehouse items.

Hi, Actually i encountered that proble before, then try this one solution becuase it works to me. If you are using AX2009 version just go to that item under inventory module >> Common forms >> Item details >> select the item >> Setup >> Warehouse Item >> under general tab >> uncheck the Counting started then click F5 to refresh. or if you are using the AX2012 go to Product Information management >> Released PRoduct >> select the Product >> Manage Inventory >> warehouse Item >> then General Tab click the Couting started… uncheck it… then refresh the item…try this procedure…if it works in you.

Thanks. It worked.