Items - Inventory tracking and grouping

We are on NAV 14.0. We are looking to change the way to we do inventory. I understand there are Lot Nos and Serial Nos. Is there a way to keep track of weight for each Serial No that belongs to a specific Lot No? Let’s say I have apples, I want to keep the unit of measure as lbs for each bag of apples, would have a Serial No and a group of bags would be a lot with perhaps an expiration date. I see that Serial No need a qty of 1. Is there something I am missing to do that or is that not possible?

Serial numbers are always a quantity of one but you could do a work around. Option 1–imbed the lbs into the serial number…serial number 123 - 30 where 30 is the pounds. Option 1-- let each lot number be the serial number 123 with a quantity of 30 and Unit of Measure pounds All serial numbers in the Lot would have the same beginning - example ABC is the Lot, 123 id the serial number ABC-123.
Maybe one of these options would work for you.

Thank you for the reply and thoughts. I think the second option might be best and have any of the reports they need could split off a symbol such as “-”.