Items: Bins/Shelf/etc. in Inventory/Warehouse Management

What’s simple and best way to handle item locations: bins, shelf, etc.
Temporarily, we are storing data in Shelf No on the Item card.

Current Status
1) Cargo company delivers Special Orders to client’s 3rd party warehouse/delivery service
2) Warehouse updates Quantity received and storage location for Items per PO
3) Warehouse forwards updated POs to client
4) Client updates PO for Quantity Received and storage location at warehouse
4a) Items for store showroom will require transfer from Warehouse to store location

Client has 5 physical “warehouse” locations:
A) 2 for store Showroom and Storage Room
B) 3 for 3rd party warehouse: warehouse, drop shipment, and sale

Item Locations:
– store creates Item location for products sent for (1) Showroom Floor and (2) Storage
– warehouse creates item locations and stores all products in B above

Any thoughts/suggestions/etc. would be greatly appreciated.


Based on your overview above, you could setup each Location that require Bins so you know where the Items are within each Location (Showroom, Storage, 3 3PL’s). You can also setup Stockkeeping Units (SKU) which you can define if Storage fulfills Showroom inventory so you get a Transfer Order to fulfill needs. You can automate this with planning setup so the Requisition Worksheet can tell the planner a Transfer is needed.

The Shelf No. is nice but Bins are more appropriate for Warehousing and documents can print the Bin No.

What other questions or concerns do you have? The 3PL warehouse could all move to EDI processing and all the paperwork eliminated for receipt of Inventory and Shipments to Customers.

Hope this helps.