Item Warranty

I am just confused why Microsoft Dynamics AX has no item warranty. This should be a standard functionality. Like when you buy something as a customer, you need to input in the Purchase Order or in your line item the warranty covered by the supplier. Same thing when you sell some or all of your products.

Aside from renaming some unused fields in AX or buying a vertical solution, is there any way to handle item warranty?

Thank you!

I think item warranty can be tracked by configuring the item to have the batch numbers.Configure the batch number groups as automatic or manual as per the need. So, whenever you are purchasing an item, specify the batch number and go to batch numbers form to specify the expiry date of the batch.

if each unit has a different expiration date, configure the batch groups in such a way to generate a batch number for each quantity.

Let us know if it doesnt fit to ur requirement.

Primarily because it was never written and different companies do it differently - so is the warranty the vendors warranty, customers warranty from receipt customers warranty from delivery, customers warranty from invoice, combination of the above etc. It is a gap that MDIS solutions cater for, but I am not sure of the names of any off the top of my head - so your vertical solution. Basically if the market has an MDIS vertical solution Microsoft consider it part of AX standard functionality.

In answer to the warranty can you use the tracking expiration date?

Thank you Santosh and Adam for the responses. I’ll try to simulate the batch suggestion Santosh. Adam, I used expiration date but its of different use. What the customer need is only to input warranty from their suppliers or even identify warranty when selling items.

Microsoft Dynamics is an Enterprise Solution as Microsoft positions it. I would suggest they include a basic warranty process knowing all companies purchase some items which has warranty from their suppliers. It comes to a point that I compare AX to SAP Business One, a solution for small to midsized market. SAP B1 has the basic warranty and I see also some small systems having this functionality included in their standard package.

Just need to voice it out. I just wanted to understand more about AX.

As I explained MDIS solutions have this, so AX has it. If you want to suggest the functionality then you should do, the Connect program looks for suggestions and the more people that suggest it shows it as a true need and it may then get included. However the expiry date also covers it and the customisation to achieve it is realtively simple.

Also if you are comparing selecting one area is not really how you do it, you should be comparing products on requirements not tick box modules. Whilst you need one element it is what you are focused on and I am sure other elements could be pointed out in reverse - you need to select the best solution, or if you are going to work with AX work within the deliverables of the product knowing the MDIS products and how the base system can be changed.