Item Variant

Hi , have you ever used variant before . Can we have for each variant a different cost ?? if yes … do will we face any problem in future for using variants with different costs.

Hi there We’ve used Variant’s at a few customer sites, to get a different cost per variant you need to set the Average Cost Calc type on the Inventory setup to item & Location & Variant. Haven’t had any problems using Variants so far. Cheers, Derek

Thanks Derek… Yes you are right… but I think it’s hard to implement it if i need the cost only by item & variant and not by item,location and variant … I think only we can get it only by reports by filtering on item ledgers on variants…

Hi again , Don’t forget my previous questions if you get answers. I have tried the following scenario. Put in the inventory setup for ave cost calc : item+Loc+Var Go entry new item ttttttttt variant v1 variant v2 Purchase invoice / cost per unit for item ttttttt v1 =1.95 Purchase invoice /cost per unit for item ttttt v2 = 3.85 then I have average cost = sum of actual (1.95 + 3.85 )/invoiced qty=2 =2.92 the average cost on item card doesn’t change … So from where you are getting cost by variant ???

the average cost on item card doesn't change ..... So from where you are getting cost by variant ??? You will need to use Stockkeeping units.

Great Scott … for using SKU … Can then we track average cost on sku and on item card ? … Realy I don’t know a lot about SKU … Why and when we have to use it ?

The Stockkeeping Unit Card tracks Average Cost and Last Direct Cost. You would use SKU’s when cost, purchasing requirements or manufacturing requirements vary by Location or Variant for an item.

thank youn scott for your help… it’s clear now