Item Unit Conversions

Hi ,

In the Unit conversions form we have the two options like

Intra -Class conversions

Inter - Class Conversions.

Could any explain what is the difference between these ?

Is it mandatory to create these ?

In which case we need to create the above mentioned both conversions?

Hi Ameen,

You dont need to worry much about Intra and inter. It is just for classification feasibility.

Intra- Class:

Let’s say your conversion is 1Kg = 2 Pcs. You should do it in intra class. because both the KG and Pcs belong to same unit class i.e. “Quantity”. Go to units form and see the “Classification field group” to find the “Unit class”. ( if you try to define this in Inter class, system wont allow you)

Inter class:

Next, you want to put the conversion as 1 Kg = 1.25 Ltrs, you can do it in intra as both belong to two different classes. So, do it in Inter.

Hope it is clear.

Thanks santosh ,

You had explained with an example , but still i am not clear.

How KG and PCS are same class , KG and ltrs are different class. ?

Could you explain bit more about this ?