Item Transaction button Greyed

Hi All

on the released product form for some item the transaction button is grayed, can anyone tell me why is it so just for some items.


Must be those service items whose item model group has stocked product unchecked.


in 2012 how can we define the service items as in the 2012 we dont have the item type service as we have in the 2009. Actually from today only i start working on the 2012.

When you create a new released product, you need to define product type which can be either Service or Item.

2012 has completely different architecture of inventory with respect to its management.


This still exists, it is simply called product type.

It is irrespective of product type, the inventory view button group will not be available for the non-stocked items…

Ok thanks for your replies

And to define the BOM type item, i think when we release the product, in the “default order setup” button we have tho define the item there as production order.

Is this right